Random Port Impressions 3

During the last month I once again visited many locations in the Port of Rotterdam. As always it is beautiful in all it's ugly-ness.

 This month saw a slight recovery in the vessels coming into port and the goods transported, however compared to the "golden years" it is nothing. To see vessels coming into port half-full, to see quays and jetty's empty, to see dockworkers painting equipment out of boredom.. All of this whilst the construction of new land for the Maasvlakte 2 with it's grand terminals is underway.  Somebody must have had a "Ow, damn" moment...
Let's hope on a quick recovery! In the mean time I prepared another gallery for you, click the image below to view.

Behind the gates..

Nowadays with the millions of possible terrorists walking around, the security in the Port of Rotterdam is very high. It is more or less impossible to take pictures behind the gates. I hope you will enjoy these unique shots taken at a variety of terminals; RST, Vopak Botlek, ExxonMobil, Odfjell, RHB and Argos/BP.

Update: Extra pictures have been added in this gallery. Also I have created a new page listing some of my other projects and involvements. Click the page on the right side of my website.


The school run!


Since recently the former RDM is opened for use as a school, mine as well! For the students the school run has become a little longer but very much nicer! Enjoy the shots of the spectacular part on board the Aqualiner  and back on the very fast Watertaxi. As a port enthousiast I love all this stuff !

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Still not the final chapter ?!?

The problems with the SHB peak pool are still continuing. By now the official name is Rotterdam Port Services, but besides the name nothing much has happened. Most of the former workers have not had a single day of work yet, nor did they receive the money they were promised by the union. To clear up certain matters a group of about 40 to 50 men went to the office of the FNV (union). Below you will find a photo report of the happenings. Unfortunately the union was not able to clear up on all subjects and some questions still remain.


Port of Rotterdam in winter times!

After a very long pause, at last I was able to put together a new gallery! It consists of a large number of pictures taken last three months, throughout the Port of Rotterdam! I will promise to keep it more updated :)

Enjoy the gallery by clicking the following image:


The final chapter: SHB

The SHB pool has stopped to exist. After all the hard struggle by many,many people it has ceased to exist. But as always, luctor et emergo, struggle and come up again. The work for many people has been saved and it will keep going strong(?) as Rotterdam Port Services. Unfortunately about 100 people need to go.. I wish them all the best with finding a job. I hope they will find the courage to not give up and get another job, instead of crashing into depression, alcoholism or else. Keep faith up!



A day on board: Kotug International B.V.

Recently I had an interesting oppurtunity, to join along for one day onboard the tugboats of Kotug. Kotug is one of the biggest tugging companies in the Port of Rotterdam and in other ports. In the last decade, Kotug established a trusted reputation by successfully breaking harbour towage monopolies in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Le Havre.

In addition to the present fleet of tugboats, Kotug also owns and operates a serie of the innovative Rotortugs. These in-house designed tugs are amongst the most powerful and manoevrable harbour tugs in the world. The unmatched manoeuvrability and massive power reserve enables the Rotortug to reduce the number of tugs required for many jobs considerably,

 I boarded three different vessels on this day: RT Margo, SD Seahorse and RT Magic. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed this day!

A big thanks to Kotug !

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A new year, a new beginning..


Best wishes in 2009! The new year has started and I am hard at work to give this site a refreshment. It will be faster, better looking, easier to use and hopefully with nicer pictures! In a few months time, I hope to show you the new look! Also on the way are various nice reports; a day onboard with a tug boat(Kotug) and a tour of a chemical tanker(Jo Tankers) is planned for the next months.


Whilst i'm working on those, please enjoy the photo-reports I took earlier on my endeavours through the Port of Rotterdam! Below is an extra large photoshoot of the port in the cold winter months. Notice how the financial crisis and the holidays almost crippled the port for a few days. The effects are very clear, but let's hope they remain limited.




SHB Part 2

The issues for the SHB pool have still not been resolved, so the men (and some women) went to protest again! This time more drastic action was taken. After a relatively swift session of speeches, about 50 men went to the gate of the ECT Home Terminal. Why ?

One of the SHB men held a speech in the cafetaria of the ECT in the morning. Apparently the company directors didnt really like that and disciplinary measures were going to be taken against him. This infuriated the dock workers and the gate was blocked as a result.

The shots i took in the second part of my shoot are exclusive to me. No other journalist or photographer was present. I was surprised to find that the redaction of the Algemeen Dagblad had not even heard of it at all, when I was talking to them at their redaction office! 


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Power to the dockers !

Because of various reasons the SHB (a pool for portworkers) has gotten into heavy waters. It is almost bankrupt and to save the company again (!) a proposition by the board of directors has been to cut wages for some, to fire some and to make changes in the disadvantage of the port workers. Offcourse it's in the nature of these tough guys to stand up against injustice, so the protest in the following shoot followed. Enjoy !


Small and big

The third wallpaper on my website is now available to eveyrbody. This picture was taken right in front of the famous Botlek Stores. This view is probably one of the most pictured places in the Port of Rotterdam, with dozens of enthousiastic seafarers taking a shot of eachother in front of the shop !

Click the links below the picture to download them in the desired size.


800 x 600 pixels
1024 x 768 pixels
1280 x 800 pixels (breedbeeld)
1280 x 960 pixels


After all the intense action of yesterday, it is surprisingly calm again. The Rainbow Warrior and the Beluga have both been impounded by the police forces and their crews taking into custody ! After five hours of blocking the port the police invaded the vessels and took the crews into custody. The ships have then been guided to a holding berth to wait until further action is undertaken. Offcourse I could not resist the temptation to take some more pictures; click the image to continue to the gallery.


Eco-terrorists or the saviours of the future ?


Greenpeace, a world famous environmental organization went to have a action in the Port of Rotterdam against the E.On company. This company plans on building a new coal powerplant right next to the one they currently posess. On Saturday a huge camping site was put up for their members, to protest there for a prolonged period. The police however ended the action arresting hundreds. In the night, i took this first picture. Unfortunately security was very tight and a near-arrest followed.

Thumbnail image for Greenpeace.jpg

The next day, Sunday, the environmentalists came back to clean up the site. However in a very unexpected move, the vessels Beluga and Rainbow Warrior II came into port again. The police tried to stop them, but did not succeed. Right at the moment that I am typing this, they are blocking the Missisippihaven with one of the largest coal terminals in the world.

Click the above picture to continue to the gallery with the pictures of this day. Will further developments follow ? I am always willing to be amazed and will surely be there again the next morning. More will definately follow.

Multimodal transport

When a container enters the port of rotterdam it never stays here for long. Within the least possible time they are out of the gate of the container terminal. Many different ways of transporting are possible. In this photoshoot I focused on the main ways: rhine barges, trains and road transport. Enjoy !


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Old Glory never fades, or does it..

For many many years the RDM(Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij) was one of the biggest shipyards in Rotterdam. Through the years they did many interesting projects, like the building of the SS Rotterdam. But they even went through the construction of submarines for the Royal Dutch Navy. 

Today not much remains of the former glory. During a very difficult period in ship construction, the RDM yard was merged with Verolme, Wilton-Feyenoord and Schelde yards. This very large company went bankrupt in 1983, after which the RDM was again on it's own legs. From then on, it went fine for a few years, until sold in 1991 to the illustrious business man Joep Van Den Nieuwenhuyzen. It was soon over after that, in 1996 the last activities were on this terrain. 

That was until the city of Rotterdam wanted to use these halls again. The RDM Campus is a highly ambitious project to create a lively student community here. Amongst many others, my  school is busy creating new workshops and classrooms here. The old glory will be kept as much as possible, by building around the old and worn structure and building a greenhouse inside the halls. 

Below you find a very large gallery, created during many days of photography on this terrain. It's unique atmosphere really creates unique angles and a lasting impression. Enjoy !

IMGP4207_resize frontpage.jpg
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A short trip, but oh so complicated !

This next photoshoot will give you a good impression of the heavy work that the lucky few (?) do to get these massive container vessels into our port. It is a real battle of David vs. Goliath but as he did in the bible David always wins ! The few accidents that happen, are all part of the job. Still though, somebody has to do this and there are apparently enough that are willing to do so. Not me though, I'll just hide behind my camera and capture all this action. Clearly visible in this shoot are all the different actions and maneuvers needed. Even though it seems standard, every time is a little bit different. The incredible time pressure also really puts a strain on the workers. Within an hour from passing the first land, the first containers were flying through the air.


Random impressions II

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Random port impressions


Just a small collection of port pictures taken in the past few months. Click the image below to view.


A day onboard

Recently I had the opportunity to catch a boat with the "roeiers". This meant I had one of the best seats possible in the docking/undocking of ships at their berths. Without these people's daily efforts at this tough job, not a ship in port would be able to (un)load. Click on the picture below to see the entire photoshoot with my experiences. http://reverda.nl/reverdanl/fotos/IMGP1998.jpg

Wallpaper II


Bij deze de tweede wallpaper op mijn website. Hieronder vindt U een afbeelding van de EMO terminal op de Maasvlakte. Hier worden kolen en ijzererts van zeeschepen overgeladen op overige vervoersmiddelen, zoals feeders, binnenvaartschepen, treinen en meer ! De enorme machines op dit terrein zorgen voor een snel, precies en kostenbewuste overslag.

800 x 600 pixels
1024 x 768 pixels
1280 x 800(breedbeeld)


Above you will find the latest wallpaper on my website. The picture features some mountains of coal on the EMO Terminal. The height seems rather low but in reality it will bedazzle you. The installatons on the background are used to load and offload coal on coastal size ships. The terminal services all kinds of bulk vessels with a max. depth of 23 meter, loading and offloading coal and iron ore. The terminal is one of the largest in the Port of Rotterdam.

Euromaxx Redux

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The horror.. the horror..

These seagulls present one of the biggest plagues for the companies in the port. They are very aggresive and regularly cause damage to vehicles and installations. Unfortunately due to the environmetalists nothing may be attempted to stop this.. As can be seen in this picture, the huge number is really getting out of hand. This picture was taken near the EMO terminal, of which the acces road is completely scattered with dead birds, hit by cars.


De meeuwen.. Het grootste probleem voor de bedrijven in de haven. Door voedselgebrek worden ze vaak zeer aggressief en vallen alles wat beweegt aan. Schade's aan voertuigen en installatie's zijn zeker niet zeldzaam. Deze foto laat mooi het eneorme aantal zien, dat aanwezig is in deze gebieden. Deze foto is genomen op de toegangsroute naar de EMO-terminal. Deze route is compleet bezaaid met dode vogels en het is een hele toer om tussen de vogels door te rijden.

Not just the usual..

Whilst discovering this harbour quite some odd things have caught my eye. Sometimes over in a blink of an eye, sometimes lasting much longer. Lasting all day was this unique party. Even though I have visited this specific place dozens if not hundreds of times I had never encountered a illegal techno rave before. The people were really relaxed and nice and the atmosphere was rather unique. You never know when you will find this kind of thing again..


What ? It's made of concrete and it's still floating ?!?!

This was the first thought that came to my mind, when I heard about this structure. A careful balance should keep this odd structure affloat when it is completed. What structure this is ? It is the unique MPU Heavy lifter currently under construction at KeppelVerolme shipyard. It's future use will be to lift (parts of) offshore platforms for construction or demolition.


In other news, this is the first entry in the English language. From now on I will keep posting in English, because I have received plenty of visits from abroad. To make it a bit easier for them and to attract some more visitors. Last months gave me an unexpected number of views and nice reactions. My thanks.

Ertsoverslag Europoort

De EECV. Eén van de meest interessante bedrijven in de haven. Geregeld ligt hier de Berge Stahl, de grootste bulkcarrier in gebruik. Maar ook als deze er niet te vinden is, geeft deze terminal een zeer mooie gelegenheid tot foto's. Hieronder een prachtig voorbeeld hiervan. Domper is echter de dood van een arbeider recentelijk op de EECV. Daarom draag ik deze foto aan hem op en wens ik zijn nabestaanden veel sterkte toe.



De Venetia, hier gezien op 16 April, verlaat de haven onderweg naar de Verenigde Staten. Deze tanker ziet er behoorlijk oud uit, maar is toch pas in 1995 gebouwd. De Maasmonding waar deze foto is genomen is altijd zeer populair bij toeristen en scheeps-enthousiastelingen, vanwege zijn vele scheepsbewegingen en mooie uitzicht. Wanneer je in de buurt bent, is het zeker een bezoekje waard.


De brug..

Hoe vaak deze brug wel niet open gaat is haast ontelbaar. De Botlekbrug, gebouwd 1955, is door zijn lage doorvaarhoogte niet meer geschikt voor deze tijd, maar doet nog steeds dienst. Al het vervoer met zware stoffen moet via deze brug rijden, maar ook flink wat sluipverkeer weet deze route te vinden.



Met behulp van één of meerdere sleepboten worden zelfs de grootste zeeschepen keer op keer zonder schade vastgelegd aan de kade. Hoe vaak je het ook ziet, het is en blijft een indrukwekkend gezicht. Het schip op de achtergrond is de MSC Chicago, een van de grotere zeeschepen met maar liefst 9200 containers aan boord.


Euromax terminal

De laatste tijd is er veel bedrijvigheid op het uiteinde van de Maasvlakte. Wat er aan de hand is ? Een enorme nieuwe terminal wordt gebouwd. In zeer korte tijd wordt dit enorme terrein uit de grond gestampt. Door zijn plek aan de Yangtzehaven, kunnen ook de allerdiepste schepen hier komen.


Hieronder vindt je ook een wallpaper-versie van deze foto die je kunt downloaden.

1280x800 (breedbeeld)




Zonder roeiers zou de haven niet bestaan, zoals die is. In hun miniatuurbootjes varen zij de trossen van de schepen heen en weer naar de kade. Maar waarom heten ze roeiers dan ? Nu gaat alles met motorbootje's, maar heel vroeger, nog gewoon met een roeiboot. Spreekt voor zich eigenlijk. Zwaar, maar mooi werk.

Het milieu ? Lekker boeiend !


Met alle heisa tegenwoordig over het milieu en het vermeende(link in engels) broeikaseffect. Dag na dag gaat de uitstoot van stoom en andere gassen door, in het meest vervuilde stukje Europa. De bouw van een nieuwe centrale hier is onlangs zelfs al begonnen. Prima, het is toch al een zooitje hier. Kan ik tenminste veilig een tweede computer aansluiten.

Stena Brittanica

Al jaren onderhoudt Stena Line een directe verbinding met Engeland. Wanneer je aan het water staat, is er een grote kans dat je hun schepen een keertje voorbij ziet komen. De Stena Brittanica is in 2007 verlengd van 212 naar 240 meter. Meer informatie over de verlenging hier.


En toen ging het eens een keertje mis..



Alweer enige tijd geleden lag de Zhen Hua 10 op het strand. De Chinese bemanning had alles gedaan wat ze konden(waarschijnlijk niet veel dus) om haar van het strand te houden, maar helaas. Met haar kwamen honderden zo niet duizenden toeristen om te kijken.

Powering a nation..


Sinds 2001 verfraaien (?) deze windmolens het aangezicht van de regio. De immer aanwezige wind laat ze altijd maar draaien. In totaal 8 stuks, produceren zij 12MW vermogen en een enorme herrie. Vanaf ver zijn ze al te zien en ze markeren mooi een van de meest verdorven stukje's Nederland.  

SD Jacoba

Ten eerste welkom op mijn nieuwe website. Hier zal ik o.a. foto's plaatsen, interessante links en dergelijke. Hieronder de eerste.

De SD Jacoba (pdf) werkt al geruime tijd in onze haven. Op 18 Februari heb ik hem op de gevoelige chip vastgelegd vanaf de Landtong, bij Rozenburg.


Deze sleper is in dienst van de firma Kotug en verricht allerhande werkzaamheden in zijn thuishaven. Zo heeft deze sleper o.a. geassisteerd bij het vlottrekken van de gestrande Zhen Hua 10 enige tijd geleden.