Archieven van september 2008

Old Glory never fades, or does it..

For many many years the RDM(Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij) was one of the biggest shipyards in Rotterdam. Through the years they did many interesting projects, like the building of the SS Rotterdam. But they even went through the construction of submarines for the Royal Dutch Navy. 

Today not much remains of the former glory. During a very difficult period in ship construction, the RDM yard was merged with Verolme, Wilton-Feyenoord and Schelde yards. This very large company went bankrupt in 1983, after which the RDM was again on it's own legs. From then on, it went fine for a few years, until sold in 1991 to the illustrious business man Joep Van Den Nieuwenhuyzen. It was soon over after that, in 1996 the last activities were on this terrain. 

That was until the city of Rotterdam wanted to use these halls again. The RDM Campus is a highly ambitious project to create a lively student community here. Amongst many others, my  school is busy creating new workshops and classrooms here. The old glory will be kept as much as possible, by building around the old and worn structure and building a greenhouse inside the halls. 

Below you find a very large gallery, created during many days of photography on this terrain. It's unique atmosphere really creates unique angles and a lasting impression. Enjoy !

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