Archieven van november 2008


After all the intense action of yesterday, it is surprisingly calm again. The Rainbow Warrior and the Beluga have both been impounded by the police forces and their crews taking into custody ! After five hours of blocking the port the police invaded the vessels and took the crews into custody. The ships have then been guided to a holding berth to wait until further action is undertaken. Offcourse I could not resist the temptation to take some more pictures; click the image to continue to the gallery.


Eco-terrorists or the saviours of the future ?


Greenpeace, a world famous environmental organization went to have a action in the Port of Rotterdam against the E.On company. This company plans on building a new coal powerplant right next to the one they currently posess. On Saturday a huge camping site was put up for their members, to protest there for a prolonged period. The police however ended the action arresting hundreds. In the night, i took this first picture. Unfortunately security was very tight and a near-arrest followed.

Thumbnail image for Greenpeace.jpg

The next day, Sunday, the environmentalists came back to clean up the site. However in a very unexpected move, the vessels Beluga and Rainbow Warrior II came into port again. The police tried to stop them, but did not succeed. Right at the moment that I am typing this, they are blocking the Missisippihaven with one of the largest coal terminals in the world.

Click the above picture to continue to the gallery with the pictures of this day. Will further developments follow ? I am always willing to be amazed and will surely be there again the next morning. More will definately follow.