Archieven van december 2008

SHB Part 2

The issues for the SHB pool have still not been resolved, so the men (and some women) went to protest again! This time more drastic action was taken. After a relatively swift session of speeches, about 50 men went to the gate of the ECT Home Terminal. Why ?

One of the SHB men held a speech in the cafetaria of the ECT in the morning. Apparently the company directors didnt really like that and disciplinary measures were going to be taken against him. This infuriated the dock workers and the gate was blocked as a result.

The shots i took in the second part of my shoot are exclusive to me. No other journalist or photographer was present. I was surprised to find that the redaction of the Algemeen Dagblad had not even heard of it at all, when I was talking to them at their redaction office! 


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Power to the dockers !

Because of various reasons the SHB (a pool for portworkers) has gotten into heavy waters. It is almost bankrupt and to save the company again (!) a proposition by the board of directors has been to cut wages for some, to fire some and to make changes in the disadvantage of the port workers. Offcourse it's in the nature of these tough guys to stand up against injustice, so the protest in the following shoot followed. Enjoy !


Small and big

The third wallpaper on my website is now available to eveyrbody. This picture was taken right in front of the famous Botlek Stores. This view is probably one of the most pictured places in the Port of Rotterdam, with dozens of enthousiastic seafarers taking a shot of eachother in front of the shop !

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