Archieven van februari 2009

The final chapter: SHB

The SHB pool has stopped to exist. After all the hard struggle by many,many people it has ceased to exist. But as always, luctor et emergo, struggle and come up again. The work for many people has been saved and it will keep going strong(?) as Rotterdam Port Services. Unfortunately about 100 people need to go.. I wish them all the best with finding a job. I hope they will find the courage to not give up and get another job, instead of crashing into depression, alcoholism or else. Keep faith up!



A day on board: Kotug International B.V.

Recently I had an interesting oppurtunity, to join along for one day onboard the tugboats of Kotug. Kotug is one of the biggest tugging companies in the Port of Rotterdam and in other ports. In the last decade, Kotug established a trusted reputation by successfully breaking harbour towage monopolies in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Le Havre.

In addition to the present fleet of tugboats, Kotug also owns and operates a serie of the innovative Rotortugs. These in-house designed tugs are amongst the most powerful and manoevrable harbour tugs in the world. The unmatched manoeuvrability and massive power reserve enables the Rotortug to reduce the number of tugs required for many jobs considerably,

 I boarded three different vessels on this day: RT Margo, SD Seahorse and RT Magic. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed this day!

A big thanks to Kotug !

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