Archieven van juni 2009

Random Port Impressions 3

During the last month I once again visited many locations in the Port of Rotterdam. As always it is beautiful in all it's ugly-ness.

 This month saw a slight recovery in the vessels coming into port and the goods transported, however compared to the "golden years" it is nothing. To see vessels coming into port half-full, to see quays and jetty's empty, to see dockworkers painting equipment out of boredom.. All of this whilst the construction of new land for the Maasvlakte 2 with it's grand terminals is underway.  Somebody must have had a "Ow, damn" moment...
Let's hope on a quick recovery! In the mean time I prepared another gallery for you, click the image below to view.

Behind the gates..

Nowadays with the millions of possible terrorists walking around, the security in the Port of Rotterdam is very high. It is more or less impossible to take pictures behind the gates. I hope you will enjoy these unique shots taken at a variety of terminals; RST, Vopak Botlek, ExxonMobil, Odfjell, RHB and Argos/BP.

Update: Extra pictures have been added in this gallery. Also I have created a new page listing some of my other projects and involvements. Click the page on the right side of my website.