Other projects

Apart from this website I am involved in a lot of other projects as well. Below I will post a short overview of the things I have and/or will do.

Havenforum / Dockers forum

This is one of my most recent projects. This is a forum, slightly "red" on which dockers and other interested parties can communicate about their job, their hobby, anything regarding the union's and so on.  I have updated and altered the phpBB and operate as a Administrator.


Party pictures


For the organization of the Your Amore party's in Brielle I have shot pictures at their party. A gallery with around 150 pictures is placed on their website. In the future I will do various shoots for the organizers.


Automotive Engineering

During the Automotive Engineering course I am following at Rotterdam University of Applied sciences a lot of designs are being made. Below some images from my designs and a short description. Besides this project I have gained a vast experience on other subjects as well.

OSGV  (Open Source Green Vehicle)


In a continuation of previous designs I have designed the chassis for this vehicle. As a project leader I managed several things, the design of the suspension and chassis, calculations, businessplan, two presentations etcetera.
During this project the chassis was transformed from a relatively weak design into a stronger version, with mounting brackets for all the parts. This makes it possible to begin construction after some final design verifications.
Please note in above pictures that the suspension is note my design, only the chassis.

All the designs were made in Autodesk Inventor 2009. This is a 3D-CAD programme very suitable to our needs.